Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tiny Island of Hell

The Motorway Service Station
is a frustrating creation.
They attract your attention
with promising temptation;
Fuel for your cars urgent rehydration
needed to allow you to reach your destination.
They tell you, “You must not drive tired,
so stay here where our rates are simply inspired!
And they should be, quite frankly, somewhat admired.
Vouchers, you say? I’m sorry those have expired.
And you’ll require two rooms; one for both you and your child.”
Oh, and the food court they offer
is the stuff made of horror.
Yes, the surfaces are absolutely pristine
but you’ll fail to notice once you’ve tried their cuisine.
Expensive and bland,
it should all be banned!
Whilst prising cash from your wallet
you regret not taking that shortcut.

From the tiny island of hell,
with its bright lights and hotel,
You’ll depart feeling quite hassled,
sighing, “I think we should’ve cancelled.”

1 comment:

  1. Excellent stuff, I particularly like the final stanza. A good strong rhyme scheme. :)