Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Uninspired Poetry 5

Uninspired: It's A Riot!

Flames silhouette
the brick skeletons while
our city stands unprotected;

Experimenting with a form of poetry called Cinquains.


  1. This poems makes me feel sad. That is because rioting makes me feel sad. Maybe it could be extended to a series of haiku?
    Hope Camberwell wasn't too badly hit -x-

  2. Our end of Camberwell was okay-ish. Our local Tesco's is screwed (it's still closed after Monday's break-in/looting). Camberwell Green (near Brixton) was pretty messed up - I've heard, but not seen. The whole thing just feels like a dream.

    I was trying to fit this into a Haiku but for some reason I find them much harder to write. I've got a possible one that I might post later but we'll see.