Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spontaneous Write Invite Email Comp

Occasionally I take part in a live short story competition on Saturday evenings on the Write Invite website. Over the summer the website has been doing spontaneous email competitions where they give you an allotted time (usually 24hrs or less) to write a story (100 words or less). The themes this time were ‘Laughing All The Way’ and ‘It’s a Riot’.

Unfortunately my short was rejected, but still read, because they received it a minute past midnight and the deadline was midnight. My entry was thus:

It’s a Riot.

The frenzied shout of war has waned with dawn but the flames continue to devour buildings, and now only their skeletal remains can be seen standing proud, unyielding, above the suffocating dense black smoke. Shielding their eyes from the weak morning sun, Riot Wombles cast their faces skyward watching silently, subdued, as smoke drifts, engulfing the skies and bearing down upon the city, before armouring themselves for battle. Their weapon: a broom. Quietly, the Wombles embark upon their quest, seeking to restore calm and order once more to the streets of their beloved city.

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