Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Uninspired Poetry 3

Uninspired: Stress City

My last job, you ask? Oh, why yes, I was sacked.
I was found in the bathroom snorting up smack.
I once threw a steak knife; I kinda did overreact.
Don’t worry, these days I’m popping Prozac
and I did leave my manager relatively intact.


  1. Love it. The metre goes a bit out of sync in lines 3 and 4 - perhaps it's worth trying to get all lines to have the same number of syllables in order to improve the rhythm. :O)

  2. I know. :S Line 3 is really out. I'm going to take out 'and' and 'though' for now so that it has a (slightly) better rhythm to it.

    I really wanted something in the archive for 'March' so that the Blog didn't feel abandoned. It gets lonely.