Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sammy the Gravedigger

His teeth stung as they punctured her skin.

Samantha had always thought she knew exactly how this moment would go. The Hollywood-handsome stranger would swoop in; place one paper white finger under her chin, gently lifting it to expose her neck, while his other hand found a home on the small of her back. Then he would then lean in and drink her blood from an exposed vein in her neck. There may have involved some swooning on Samantha’s behalf, but she hadn’t made up her mind about that.

Unfortunately Samantha discovered that the harsh reality was; allowing an undead stranger to attach himself to her neck and extract blood from her was horrifically painful. Samantha was stood in an uncomfortable position for a prolonged period of time and the act itself was somewhat awkward and clumsy, especially when said handsome stranger couldn’t find a vein. In short, it was the least romantic thing Samantha had ever endured. Losing her virginity crashed in at a close second.

When Isaac eventually lifted his head, they stood in awkward silence before he cleared his throat, averted his eyes and muttered, ‘thanks.’

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  1. This is genuinely wonderful and I laughed really loudly at the final 'thanks'. The awkwardness of the whole scene and the way you compare vampirism to a loss of virginity is such a great example of dark humour. I'd love to see this little snippet somehow worked into your novel!